PLaY Arena



PLaY Arena

Leisure complex with a bowling alley, go-kart circuit & paintball range, plus laser tag & climbing, Play Arena is the fully loaded nucleus of our being. There’s something for everyone — from zorbing to go-karting as well as sports like tennis, badminton, football, swimming et al. Includes everything from all Play formats, which follow.

Track length : 250 Meters
Track Width : 20 Feet
Track Type : Racing
Track Material : Thar
Track Quality : Average
Karts Quality : Average
No of Karts Available : 15
Karts Type : Petrol Karts
Race Feel : Average
Staff Hospitality : Excellent
Safety Measures : Excellent
Pricing : 1000 Average per 2
Other Games : Available
Amenities : Available
Karting Type laps
Reviewer Comments

Play Arena in Bengaluru is a bustling hub of entertainment, offering a plethora of activities for all ages. The facility is well-equipped with a diverse range of games and attractions, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere. The variety of activities available caters to different interests, ensuring…

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